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1 1  XWiki is not just your average wiki engine; it exposes a flexible data model that can be leveraged at the presentation level. Combined with its powerful presentation level scripting capabilities, XWiki's data model can help you build simple to complex Web applications with little or no need to access the XWiki core. In other words, you can build custom applications through the XWiki web interface without having to compile, package, and deploy software components.
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3 3  This area explains XWiki's data model of Classes, Properties, and Objects for those users who want to build applications primarily at the presentation level. It will help you understand how you can achieve significant features by programming at this level alone.
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48 48  * Classes define an object type and the properties that are possible for an object of that type to have.
49 49  * Properties define the types of data that unique objects can have. The property types (datatypes) are defined for the class, but the actual values for the properties are defined for the objects when the objects are instantiated from the class.
50 50  * Objects are unique instances of a class with unique values for all of the properties that the class definition allows the objects to have.
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56 += Suggested Reading =
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58 +* Armed with your knowledge of Classes and Objects you could try creating a small application, such as a FAQ application, by following this [[FAQ Tutorial>>FAQTutorial]].
59 +* You could also start understanding how to display properties of Objects in wiki pages by using [[Scripting]].
60 +* You could also try using the [[App Within Minutes extension>>extensions:Extension.App Within Minutes Application]] which simplifies how to get started developing an application with little required knowledge. After your application is generated, if you wish to go further and develop new features for your app, you'll need to use your knowledge about Classes, Objects and [[Scripting]].
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