• aescamilla
    aescamilla, 2010/06/21

    I want to tell u first that all of you are awesome °¬° I like XWIKI!!!!!

    But, I need to know when you are going to liberate the XEnterprise 2.4M2, I need... really I need the Templates Pages =( this is the URL if u doest'n know what I mean http://code.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Applications/AdministrationApplication in the sub-section "Easy Templates Creation and Administration (Starting with XWiki Enterprise 2.4M2)" ... Maybe I'm wrong and this is a User-Application maybe not, but I want to know if this "templates" are going to be in the Milestone 2, if not, then tell me if that "Templates" are a User-Application

    Thank you for your time!!!!

  • Vincent Massol
    Vincent Massol, 2010/06/21

    Adriana, thanks for the praise. XE 2.4M2 will be released this week. Note that you can use our mailing lists if you need to communicate/ask questions more easily.

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